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Brand Kaspersky
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  • Protect your browsing, shopping, chats & data across your PC
  • Proactive detection
  • Real-time protection
  • Instant neutralization
  • Free VPN with up to 300 MB of traffic per day
  • Safe Money Browser to encrypt your online payments & transactions
  • Webcam Protection to stop unauthorized access to your webcam



Block viruses & malware

Scan, detect & remove the latest cyber threats.

Our award-winning Anti-Virus combines Artificial Intelligence and behavioral analysis to block viruses and malware, and isolate suspicious files. Plus it works silently in the background so your PC continues to perform smoothly.


Filter phishing emails

Screen your emails so you don’t get tricked by scammers.

Anti-Phishing checks for phishing links every time you open an email or instant message and warns you about anything suspicious. Making it easy for you stop scammers stealing your bank details and passwords.


Protect your computer against ransomware

Prevent your devices from being hijacked.

System Watcher stops hackers from locking your devices and demanding money. It isolates and removes malicious programs, and repairs any changes they’ve made.


Defend your network against attacks

Detect & stop attempts to attack your network & access your computer.

Network Attack Blocker continuously scans your network for suspicious activity, and repels hackers attempting to take over your PC.


Payment protection

Stop hackers intercepting your credit card details.

Safe Money automatically gives you the option of switching to a bank-grade encrypted browser whenever you land on a checkout page. Making it easy for you to protect your bank details from hackers when you pay for stuff online.


Block hacker attacks with a two-way firewall

Stop hackers accessing your PC over the network.

Our Two-Way Firewall monitors your Wi-Fi network 24/7 and notifies you if it’s not secure. Plus it lets you control the Internet data that reaches your computer. Helping you prevent hackers gaining access to your PC and everything inside it.


Use your PC without leaving a trace

Wipe all records of your computer activity, forever.

Privacy Cleaner safeguards your data by removing all signs of your computer activity, including your passwords, logins and bank card details. Which means it’s the perfect tool if you share a PC, or if you’re selling one.


Protect multiple devices

Secure your PC, Mac & Android devices under one license.

Install security on your PC, Mac and Android devices and activate it with your Total Security license. Share your protection with your family and connect to the Internet safely when you’re on the go.


Block unauthorized access to your webcams

Stop webcam spies watching you in your home.

Webcam Protection lets you create a list of apps you trust to use your webcams - so that others that try to gain access are automatically denied.