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  • ✨Comfortable
  • ✨Portable
  • ✨Voice Control



✅Make You Feel Comfortable: Smartmi HEPA air purifiers for home comes with three filters that absorb pollen, smoke, pet hair and efficiently capture 80-90 nanoparticles in the air, helping you to soothe your skin and other annoying problems.

✅Efficient Performance: despite its small size, smart air purifier P1 can work on 180-320 ft² (17-30 m²) in 10-20 minutes, leaving any room of your house perfectly purified and filled with fresh air.

✅Quiet Function: you won't even understand that the air purifier for bedroom works as its minimum noise level is 19db, which is lower than your breath, while the higher sound level is only 49db, which is still lower than your talking voice!

✅Remote Control: supporting Google Assistant, Alexa, and Homekit, Smartmi air purifier for small room allows you to control the screen light, choose the operating mode, or check the filter only by using your voice or the app on your phone.

✅Real-Time Display: the portable air purifier can show the PM2.5 and PM10 data and notifies you when the concentration surpasses 150. At the same time, the pollen icon uses different colors to inform you about the current air condition.